Edward Garcia

Leadership Development Instructor / Coach

Edward Garcia is an engaging consultant known for his dry humor, thought-provoking questions, and expertise in adult learning. Over the past two decades, Edward has facilitated groups ranging from C-suite to front-line employees, helping them discover innovative solutions to challenging situations.

Known for his ability to focus attention on the vital few vs. the trivial many, clients return to Edward for his insightful approach to development. When not consulting, he is also responsible for furthering Holt’s highly successful Values Based Leadership programs. His work directly contributes to Holt’s thriving and acclaimed VBL culture.

Edward weaves personal stories, science, and activities together in a way that helps students quickly learn and immediately apply lessons in their own day-to-day life. His entertaining approach captures attention and encourages his clients to think of options outside of their comfort zone. Edward’s broad business, sales, leadership and development experiences allow him to help coach clients to achieve enhanced individual and team performance.


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